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The Experience Of Your Italian Ice Cart -

The way to get a flood of return customers is the experience they go through at your very stand. By that, I mean keep your customers happy, be outgoing, even a little crazy if thats what it takes to make them laugh. Oh, and make sure to keep up with the latest news so you always have something to chat about!

Be sure to make the ladies feel special, and then talk about the last sports game with the guys. You might just be the one to really make their day! Hey you never know!

And always remember, one of the least received things in life is a genuine and real compliment. So the best way to get a loyal customer, friend, or affiliate is through an honest and nce compliment. Guys love compliments on their watches, ties, shirts, and Women love hearing about their shoes, nails, and latest hair style.

One last tip: Try to have a funny catch phrase at the end of every purchase. Mine was "Everday is your Birthday, now go have a terrific day"... it will keep them laughing!


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